GoTradeSignals develops high probability trade structures which can be used with all experience levels, and are designed to win if the market stays in a specified range.


Credit Spreads and Iron Condors, with Gap Protection.  


GoTradeSignals is a newsletter subscription service for market and options information targeting elevated win rates, which can Potentially Profit in Up, Down and Sideways Markets.  Our information is largely positive theta, and vega.  


Low Capital Requirements: 2k per entry

Elevated Win Rate Targeted: 80%+                                                          

Transparency: Newsletter History Disclosed

20 Point Spread Model initiation:                           1/1/13

Disclaimer: Model Historical Data does not guarantee results, these stats are historical for our trading model.  Losing trades, and periods, do occur.  The trading model does not win every trade, or win every month.  Please see our risk disclaimer.

Educational Informatio Example: 

  • Transact to open put options
  • Transact to open call options
  • Long more options than short
  • Positive vega at the short put strike

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        Non Directional Trading:
        Trades and commentary are structured to be profitable if the market stays in a specific statistically calculated range. 
        Benefits of the GoTradeSignals Newsletter
        • Historically low correlation to stock market 
        • Proprietary hedging technique which maintains a positive theta, positive vega stance
        • Specializing in high probability option spread strategies including iron condor, and credit spread strategies 
        • Newsletter alerts are sent via email to all subscribers at once
        • Newsletter available for individuals, and institutions 


        GoTradeSignals does not trade for subscribers.

        Trade Structure Example: Risk graph of one of our typical iron condors with an approximate 80% average probability of winning: 


        GoTradeSignals uses a unique way of entering credit spreads which helps to hedge against a market crash.  If the SPX gaps down significantly, the hedge has the potential to profit.  

        Accounting for the increase of 40 points in implied volatility due to a sharp market movement, the risk graph changes to potentially benefit from a market crash: 


        Gold Program

        Real Time Commentary and Trade Alerts

        Multiple Entry/Exits Per Cycle

        Specific Entry/Exit Points

        Full Position Management via Newsletter

        Market Updates and Commentary


        30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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         *GoTradeSignals does not offer personalized investment advice tailored to a specific individual, and we do not inquire as to account value.  


        RISK STATEMENT: The trading of options, stocks, futures, commodities, index futures or any other securities has potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all users of this Website.  Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There are risks associated with all investments and trading stocks and options.   No trading recommendations are being offered.  We are not financial advisers, not do we hold ourselves out as such.  We do not know the individual circumstance of subscribers, and do not tailor any advice for any individuals.  All trading information is for educational purposes only.   If a third party is administrating our information for a subscriber, and we are aware of it, the information is free to that subscriber.